We at Think India have felt the need to bind the students with an Indian nationalistic string to harness this part of national treasure in furthering our aim of national reconstruction.Students from IISc, IIMB, NIMHANS and NLSIU joined together to create a joint forum for the students from premier institutes of India in 2006. A formal forum took placed at the Art of Living Ashram , Bengaluru in 2007.

Journey so Far

  • 2006

    City-level workshop in South India
  • 2007

    1st Think India Convention
  • 2010

    Formation of National Network
  • 2011

    National Workshop "India Today & India Tomorrow"
  • 2012

    National Level Conference "Vision for a Vibrant Nation"
  • 2012

    1st edition of ANUBHOOTI Internship
  • 2016

    Think India Law Summit
  • 2017

    Start of VIDHI & NITI Internship
  • 2018

    Start of VIDHI ILC Internship and Think India Fellowship
  • 2019

    Think India NIT Summit & Think India Law Summit
  • 2020

    Launch of Think India Forums & Startup & Innovation Week
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Purpose of Think India

Promote social harmony

Promote social harmony in every possible way and actively oppose any sectarian and narrow-minded activities of fissiparous tendencies.

Fulfill Needs of Bharat

Think and Act towards the fulfilment of the environmental, cultural and security needs of Bharat and the world.

Support & Motivation

Motivate and support the initiatives of the organisations and individuals to inculcate India-centric action, designs.

Activities in campuses

Initiate and encourage India-centric thoughts and activities in campuses and among intelligentsia.

Upliftment of Rural Bharat

Think, Design and Develop sustainable strategies for the upliftment of underdeveloped and rural Bharat.

Support gender justice

Support and uphold the concept of gender justice and promote family values.

Support National Interest

Create an ecosystem for the Youth Organisations and Individuals who are working in the national interest.