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The Urban Fractures and Fault lines

Law Student 11 Nov 2018

“Like forests provide safe hideouts to Naxalites in tribal areas, the cities also provide them cover. Taking advantage of this, they plan to target major installations in cities.”
former Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil in The Parliament (2005) 

Now, that the dust around the term ‘Urban Naxals’ is settled, the time is right to yet again analyse, understand and expose the modus operandi of the fake narrative peddlers. As soon as the five activists were arrested on 28th August, the Twitterati and netizens went berzerk. The Lutyens Delhi Whatsapp Group was alerted and the pathetic attempt to shape the narrative was started on Social Media. The tweets, retweets and hashtags lacked a full set of facts and propaganda prevailed. Maoism heavily relies on misinformation, disinformation, false propaganda and fake news. To quote Mao, “ No literature is apolitical .” The state will be the machine of propaganda and will systematically brainwash its subjects to follow the ideals of the party. Maoism and Communism are inherently the perpetrators of free speech, free thinking and our ancient Indian concept of Samwaad. CPI (Maoist) ranks fifth in the Terrorist organizations globally, responsible for the most coordinated Terrorist attacks between 2000 and 2014, as per the report by US State Department’s National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism(START).


A Communist Party of India (Maoist) document titled Urban Perspective (2004), lays an emphasis on forming Legal and Democratic Organizations as party’s front to mobilize the cadre and give them political experience. They have also cited how these organizations have worked in the Philippines. The document has also asked the cadre to form secret organizations and not to expose the link between the party and the organization.  This document is a Maoist blueprint for urban areas and suggests a number of things from establishing front organizations and shielding civil society groups, to establishing cellular structures to carry out propaganda and recruitment among disaffected industrial labour and urban poor; and beefing up technological prowess to carry out “military tasks”—including infiltration of police. The document titled as  Urban Perspective”, has been released by CPI (M) is available in public domain.

These organizations work with a long-term programme to recruit them in the party. To quote the document, “The basic tasks of the urban cell include organizing the masses, politicizing them, educating the advanced elements and recruiting them into the party”. The document has identified industrials belt of Ahmedabad – Pune as an example for future and potential projects. Unfortunately, some of  media persons continue to glorify Maoists elements and involve in influencing public psyche. Many opinion makers jumped the gun and came out with statements that the arrest of the five activists is against democratic values and the incumbent Modi Government is trying to suppress dissent.  The problem with this narrative, of course, is that its patently false. Urban Maoists dictate the narrative of public discussion, which is essentially against national interests and challenges territorial and political integrity of India.

The issue got a new twist when the banned Communist Party of India (Maoist) outfit Perimilli Dalam posted a banner in Gadchiroli which sympathized with the arrested activist and urged the masses to condemn the arrest of the activists for their alleged role in  Bhima –Koregaon incident. This is the first time Maoist Guerillas have openly supported their overground ideologuesThe banner also sympathized with Shoma Sen, Surendra Gadling, Mahesh Raut, Rona Wilson, Sudhir Dhawale. This is a classical model of Fourth Generation Warfare-(4GW) – a warfare where the enemy is invisible and the battle is for the control of civil society – through coercion, controlling the hearts and minds of the people or delivering results by redressing grievances of the people says NSA Ajit Doval.

Interestingly, Maoist leaders like Charu Mazumdar, Sabyasachi Panda, Arundathi Ghandy, Ganpathi were brainwashed to join Maoist cause during their college days. The strategy still continues as banned organizations are targeting urban youth to run their movement. The regressive left has understood how to pander to the masses, appealing to “feel good” platitudes and ignoring the principles that bring genuine long-term satisfaction. Good sentiments and glittering slogans have been substituted for substantial political values. A well organized narrative campaign was kick-started intending to reach the plain and clear minds of neutral people and undermine the credibility of our institutions. The far left elements in our society need to understand the gravity of the situation and possess social maturity while making public statements. Their hatred for one particular ideology should not compromise the larger aims of our nation and the object of harmonious societal life.

The Pune Sessions Court on 6th November sent activists Sudha Bhardwaj, Arun Ferreira and Vernon Gonsalves to judicial custody for 14 days. All three are facing probe in the Bhima-Koregaon violence which happened in January 2018. This comes after a writ petition filed by historian Romila Thapar and four other individuals, contending the arrest of the activists was an instance of punishing dissent and difference of opinion was dismissed by the Supreme Court paving the way for the investigation to Maharashtra Police.

To conclude, the object of the feel-good so-called legal democratic organizations is recruiting them in a war against the sovereignty and democracy of India. Though the government holds the primary multi-fold responsibility to stop this, the role of nationalist organizations is important in creating awareness on the ground level.


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