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Critical Evaluation of Social Media: A Narrative of AI

University of Alberta, Harvard Graduate School of Education (Professional) 15 Feb 2021

The power of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Academia, ResearchGate is perhaps greater than the power of any individual; but sometimes [1]they have been abused as well by the users through providing access information which has been a violation of the code and conduct of social media. The power of social networks is enormously influential. The combination of the internet with social media websites creates something memorable. The speed of the internet and the internet itself is an example of artificial intelligence through which anything can be spread within a minute worldwide; social media is its narrative to produce any information. [2]The voices of Egypt remained composed to defeat their tainted President Hosni Mubarak, which had been spread throughout the globe. It is an example of the power of the social network. The power of social media works as a revolution from any part of the world. From the perspective of the revolutionary process, it is a blessing for the awareness and information about any community, any incidents, and accidents. [3]The platform of social media helps to unite the voice of people against unfairness, and thus the voice has been larger than themselves. Once the voice turns into a powerful message it has created problems always to throughout the corruption, fascism. History has proved that the unity of human voice has sunk powerful people like Adolf Hitler, Hosni Mubarak, Gaddafi etc. [4]From this point, it has been cleared that social media is a characterizes or narrative which has a way of lending itself to this quality of control over negative aspects. [5]Social media is connectivity from around the world through which people can communicate easily at present, such as through skype, messenger, various electronic online platforms such as zoom, google meet etc. The universe is combined with various dissimilarities such as differences of values, beliefs, religion, culture etc. and it creates various boundaries among humanities, and among demographic sides. Social media is an actual beauty where boundaries have been eradicated through amalgamation among world humanities. [6]It has made everyone stand equally on a platform through networking. Online classes especially in the pandemic scenario are blessings for the field of education. Education through online delivery has provided learning resources to every student from around the world. Social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has sections to help people professional, find out jobs. Social media helps to find out lost people and reunite them with their close ones. [7]The innovation of technology through social media or networking brings the renaissance of information worldwide. Television and print media are not that stronger than electronic media because of inaccurate information`s sometimes. [8]Social media through electronic version are a way to build an online community such as WhatsApp and Telegram people network and communities in various fields for innovation of the world about anything. However, cyberbullying, hacking, reputation, scams and fraudulence, addiction, health issues are few areas of disadvantages of social networking. [9]Teasing someone through creating a fake account is cyberbullying. Electronic media and networks are forms of this social curse in our society. Bullying is now a fashion through the internet in the name of cyberbullying. Sending threat messages, abusing someone through online chatting are all examples of cyberbullying. [10]Hacking is another disadvantage of social media through electronic mode which is stealing someone`s personal information and share others without any permission of the owner. Stealing someone`s information is a big loss of personal life which is happening through hacking personal information. [11]Fraudulence and scams are the curses of social networking. It has been reported in networking sides where people have been fooled by others into considering something or buying etc. [12]There are many bloggers on Instagram, Facebook which is hard to identify about their genuine engagement. Social media is very addictive and damaging personal lives through hatred images.  [13]People are addicted to Facebook. Teenagers are the main target of these electronic media where they focus themselves through online activities constantly. [14]Social media is a medium for the creation of social and mental disbalance. Because of addictiveness, people are experiencing negative side effects such as headache, eye strain, sleep deprivation etc. [15]Therefore social media is a narrative through which society can be changed. It can be changed through people`s reactions to its utilization. Whether they use social media positively or negatively. [16]Social media websites can operate as both curses and blessings in our society and it depends on users of social media networks.[17]Therefore, social networks are neither good nor bad but a tender, and a form of artificial intelligence.

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