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Law Student, Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab


The Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019: Protecting Persecuted Minorities by Tanuj Sharma (NLU, Odisha)

Today India is facing a wave of protest, dissent, and infidelity towards the Central Government, especially in light of the recent amendment to the Citizenship Act. Any citizen has a democratic right to peaceful protest and expresses his dissent against the policies of the government. While

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Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019- Protecting Persecuted Minorities by Shubham Tiwari (NALSAR, Hyderabad)

The Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 is legislation focused on granting Indian citizenship to religiously persecuted minorities in the neighborhood. With the passage of Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 by the Parliament, persecuted Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Christian, Jew and Parsi

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Justice loses character if it becomes revenge by Shreya Nair & Ajay (DSNLU, Vishakapatnam)

Do not seek Revenge and Call it Justice - Cassandra ClareBefore we delve into the question of what constitutes a loss in character of justice, it is necessary to understand the character of Justice. Justice, like morality or like the very nature of revenge stems from the urge of an

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Arguing in the court with full zeal and fervor comes a note finally landing in the hands of the man in the front, who reads it, pauses and then puts the note in his pocket and continues with the argument until it is finished. The note carried the news of the mans wife death and the mans

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A New Education Policy for a New India

Education has always been important but perhaps it has never been more so in mans history as it is today. In this era of a science-based world, education and research are crucial to the entire developmental process of a country, its welfare, progress, and security. This emphasizes the need

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Basics of Nyaaya Shaastra 2

We shall begin this article with the doctrine of cause and effect and later touch upon two other fundamental concepts of Nyaaya. In Nyaaya Shaastra, the doctrine of cause and effect is known as Kaarya-Kaarana-Bhaavah(कार्य-कारण-भावः). The word

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