Is Judicial Activism Transcending Its Legitimate Boundaries?

One is taught during school days of the three pillars of our democracy- the legislature, executive and judiciary. On its plain reading, the subject may not invoke much curiosity but the turn of events, both political and non-political, in the post-independence India has added interest and the need

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It is very easy to destroy traditions, difficult to Conserve them—Why Supreme Court must change its decision in Sabrimala

In its decision in Indian Young Lawyers Association & Ors. Vs State of Kerala, Supreme Court of India lifted the restriction on entry of Women of certain age group in Sabrimala temple in Kerala. In one of the most intricate cases which the Hon’ble Court has faced since its inception, it

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Demonetization delivers Development

Every policy decision undeniably has its pros and cons, for some class or other in the economy. The same applies to demonetization. There’s no dearth of opinions on the negatives voiced out by the Lutyens’, band of foreign-trained economists, and the opposition unequivocally. This piece is an

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The Urban Fractures and Fault lines

“Like forests provide safe hideouts to Naxalites in tribal areas, the cities also provide them cover. Taking advantage of this, they plan to target major installations in cities.”- former Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil in The Parliament (2005) Now, that the dust around the term

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The Oil Despots Disputes: Great power and Trump Play in West Asia

            President Trumps ought to believe in the idiom of popular culture that with great power comes great responsibility. This is what the great power dictum of the larger international system and comity of States portends. With the

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Justice Indu Malhotra’s opinion in Sabarimala – The H.R.Khanna Moment for Modern Judiciary

The Indira Gandhi led government in the mid 70’s attempted to create a ‘committed judiciary’. In her spree of political attainment, she used all weapons in her political repertoire. The worst and the most ill advised amongst these was imposition of emergency and consequent suspension of

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