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Aaditya Kashyap

Law Student, Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab

Aditya Kashyap is a law student pursuing FYIC B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) from the Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab. As an avid reader and researcher, his interest areas include Constitutional Law, IPR Law, Arthashashtra, Soft Power, and National Security. He is actively involved in student activism and currently holds the responsibility of Punjab State Convenor, Think India.


Babasaheb Ambedkar: The Indian Economist

INTRODUCTION:Babasaheb Ambedkar- a true leader and social reformer was one of the most venerable sons of India in this century. He is the man who worked all his life to make our nation of equals. Also, widely recognized as the ‘Father of the Constitution of India,’ Ambedkar was also

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Dr. Ambedkar’s vision on Nationalism & National Integration

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was a prominent social reformer, and he is widely upheld as an emancipator of the untouchables. He appeared on India’s political canvas in the early 1920s and from then on remained at the forefront in the transformation of the country from shackled country to an independent

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NEW EDUCATION POLICY FOR NEW INDIA: Is NEP a key to a brighter future?

Swami Vivekananda once said, “Education is not the amount of information that we put into your brain and runs riot there, undigested, all your life. We must have life-building, man-making, character-making assimilation of ideas. If you have assimilated five ideas and made them your life

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The Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019: Protecting Persecuted Minorities

Today India is facing a wave of protest, dissent, and infidelity towards the Central Government, especially in light of the recent amendment to the Citizenship Act. Any citizen has a democratic right to peaceful protest and expresses his dissent against the policies of the government. While

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Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019- Protecting Persecuted Minorities by Shubham Tiwari (NALSAR, Hyderabad)

The Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 is legislation focused on granting Indian citizenship to religiously persecuted minorities in the neighborhood. With the passage of Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 by the Parliament, persecuted Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Christian, Jew and Parsi

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Justice loses character if it becomes revenge by Shreya Nair & Ajay (DSNLU, Vishakapatnam)

Do not seek Revenge and Call it Justice - Cassandra ClareBefore we delve into the question of what constitutes a loss in character of justice, it is necessary to understand the character of Justice. Justice, like morality or like the very nature of revenge stems from the urge of an

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