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Aaditya Kashyap

Law Student, Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab


A Brief Introduction to Nyaaya Shaastra [Nyaaya Blog Series - 1]

We often come across terms such as Shaastras, Shrutis, Smritis, etc but actually fail to understand their true meaning. In this series of articles, we shall examine what exactly is meant by Shaastras and in particular, the ‘Nyaaya Shaastra’. The term Shaastra in this context means an

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Future Ports should look to leverage Digital Opportunities

Future Ports should look to leverage digital opportunities and operate as connected ports, linking nodes of the supply chain and act as the digital trade corridors globally, Atul Chandrakant Kulkarni, a member of the Board of Governors, Society of prestigious Indian Institute of Management,

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Reuniting Indians through KV Prayers: A Socio-Constitutional Analysis

It comes to the amazement of the citizens of a secular nation that where on one hand the people of different race, caste, religion are coming together to celebrate numerous events, the Supreme Court has decided to hear a petition which claims that prayers being recited in the Kendriya

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ROLE OF NOTA IN PARTICIPATIVE DEMOCRACYElections are a festival of democracy. The citizens decide the candidate they want them to represent and resolve the issues that matter. In general elections, we Indians choose Members of Parliament which ultimately choose the Prime Minister of our country

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Revisiting Sabarimala Judgment

The Sabarimala case will serve as a precedent for cases dealing with the interface between religion and law. Although, the majority judgement delivered is being hailed as progressive for women’s rights, it has faced immense heat and criticism on many fronts. To term the tradition of the temple

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Interview with a Catholic

Interview with Father Kejus Rayappan of the Church of Our Lady of Fatima, PatialaNinisha Agrawal is a law student, pursuing her B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) at Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab (RGNUL). On 9 February 2019, she went for a field work to the Church of Our Lady of Fatima,

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