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Dr. Aniruddha Rajput is a Member of the UN International Law Commission (2017-21). He was the Chairperson of the Drafting Committee at the 69th Session of the ILC. His areas of expertise include dispute resolution, boundary disputes, law of the sea, international investment law and international trade law. He has taught courses in international law at the Indian Law Institute, New Delhi and National Law University, Delhi. During 2017, was a Practitioner-in-Residence at the Berlin Potsdam Research Group International Rule of Law -Rise or Decline? based at the Humboldt University Berlin. He was a member of the Study Group Constituted by the Law Commission of India on the 2015 Draft Indian Model BIT and a member of the 5th Haryana State Finance Commission constituted under Article 243 I and Y of the Constitution of India. He is an advocate at the Supreme Court of India.


The ILC internship is based in the months of MAY and JULY, respectively, forming two separate opportunities, but the internship work will beigin as soon as interns are finalised. The chance to intern at the International Law Commission as a Research Assistant to Dr Anirudhha Rajput provides a front row seat to observe the debate, discussion, diplomacy and compromise that goes into producing each codified word of what will eventually form public international law. Every day work as a research assistant at the ILC involves in-depth research to foster a substantive understanding on the topics to be considered at the Commission for the upcoming session. This research translates into drafting of statements to be delivered in an international arena. Apart from getting to hone substantive research and writing skills, one gets to meet and interact with dignitaries, members and assistants from all over the world. All things combined, it forms opportunity of a lifetime in more ways than one.


The applicant must be pursuing his/her V year/III Year, whichever applies, LLB course and is required to have studied International Law as a part of his/her curriculum. The interested students shall send their application on office.vidhiilc@gmail.com with the Subject "Application ILC internship". The application shall include the following Documents: Copy of a valid passport. Institute Recommendation letter. Duly updated Resume. Statement of purpose explaining why you wish to pursue this internship. (Not exceeding 1000 words). A research Note on " Relationship & Conflict between peremptory norms (JUS COGENS) & Obligations ERGA OMNES". (No word limit).

Note: This is NOT a paid internship. All the expenses pertaining to this internship will have to be borne by the applicants. Under special circumstances, scholarship maybe granted to exceptional candidate(s). Notwithstanding this, decision taken by Think India on the question of scholarship would be definite and incontrovertible.

Last Date :10th Jan 2019 | Interview: 1st week of Feb 2019 For Query : office.vidhiilc@gmail.com