Greetings from Team Aaina, Think India.

We are pleased to share that we are back with another competition, this time with a different  touch. A touch of poetry of patriotism. Presenting you the Elocution Competition— Veer Ras, Co powered by Harper Collins Publisher

Veer Ras is a kind of poetry which speaks about heroic poems and also give a detail of courage and bravery of patriots in the past. The main idea of this competition is to stitch history with poetry. This competition will not only help in enhancing our creativity but also it will make us aware of the brighter history of Bharat.

Participants will have to recite a poem based on Veer Ras- any historical event (For instance, a revolt, mutiny, war or a battle). Each participant will be given 3.30-4.00 minutes to introduce the judges to his/her/their poem and elocute it. The poem can either be in Hindi or in English

Participation Certificate will be given to all the participants


Along with Commendation Certificates 

Participants will be judged on the basis of recitation, expressions. Body language and introduction to the poem.

Find the FREE  REGISTRATION link below and do not miss out on this golden opportunity to have a close and insightful interaction with eminent and prominent historians, archaelogists, Literatus, poets, and Indian Executives.