Vitiligo it is a skin disease which we see in most of the people in the whole world but in India it is considered as most socially embarrassing disease because we look different from others due to our white patches even due to lack of awareness and knowledge even educated people considers this disease as contagious disease due to this many people who diagnosed with this disease feels uncomfortable to live in the society .There is no evident that vitiligo is contagious but still people considers as curse of god but this is not true .Govt with the help of medical team should declare this disease as non contagious disease otherwise vitiligoist will lose their confidence to live in the society .Vitiligo patients found themselves in the trap of anxiety and depression due to continuos rejection and discrimination from the society. We should start a campaign so that we can bring out the vitiligoist outside their dark room of fear ; in this way we will be able to make a world better place to live .# Equality is the prominent need of Vitiligoist # No more discrimination 

This is just a skin disease we have white patches in our body it doesn`t mean that we are different we too have equal opportunities ,equal rights to breath freely in society without any suspicious gaze because we are not the carrier of disease its just skin disease ,please provide us equal space and opportunity ,Please support the vitiligo patients to bring them out from the fear of rejection of society , anxiety and depression .Vitiligo patients seems happy from outside but from inside they goes through mental trauma . Of course we look different from other due to our white patches it doesn`t mean that we are not the Human being.