Be the Change, Start a Movement.

Our aim is to empower common people to create the change they want to see around them. We face a myriad of problems in our everyday life. We react to these, crib and complain with colleagues and friends. We then just move on. So, the problem remains as it is.

We offer you a platform to raise these problems and start a movement which can be joined by similarly placed people from everywhere - your school, locality, state, country or the world.

This is an initiative to actually make a change in the world around us. To ensure the rights of people are not trampled upon. To make your voice heard, come and contribute. Let us make the world a better place to live in!

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Healthy forests are essential for people and the

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   Shreya Tiwari

Remove Movie Scenes without Helmets, Spread the Message, Save Lives in Road Accidents.

Lakhs of lives, young and old are lost on

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A child is left in the ocean of information

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Compensation to farmers

Starting movement will impact the farmer they

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   Aaina Initiative TI

Free Temples from Government Control - An Aaina Initiative

Temples have been kept under government control.

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